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An even crazier idea: when you present the first issue of a new KS series for something that you intend to eventually bring out in a collected version, offer a pledge line for a digital only subscription for all single issues as they come out AND the physical collection. Lots of problems pricing it and planning that far ahead, but you have enough history of delivering quality that I and maybe at least a few other people would opt for it.

I know due to space (and cost), I’m going to more digital only purchases of single issues but I also like having the collected volumes on the shelves.

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I’d be very interested to see if someone could make a go of doing a digital series of floppy-length singles followed with a physical compilation volume.

Until the compilation stage, it would be somewhere between the way webcomics are now (brief episodes out on a regular basis) and the way most Kickstarters go (full physical/digital issues).

I expect the economics would also be somewhere between the two.

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