May 3, 2023Liked by Clay Adams

Most comic book stores don't use the system they take numbers from, so the results are maginally relevant as it is. It also doesn't include DCUI, MU, CU, and all the other digital subscription services.

However, ultimately I think that Marvel and DC will have to rethink how they do business. There's been some conversation about them using Kickstarter, where as I think they SHOULD do pre-sales. Let the audience decide what it wants and don't make 47 Bat books, but make what the audience wants. You need X pre-sales to make the book. If the numbers aren't there, we move on. No BS social media "votes" like Round Robin (which is BS - those books were always going to be made), just pure customer base asking for X book.

Example: I may be the only person asking for an omnibus of the 1997 Ka-Zar book, including the last 5 issues which have never been collected. But if I'm not, why can't the say, 50 of us or whatever pre-order it, they make idk 75-100 for collectors or to put on shelves, and everybody moves on happy. They don't have to print 2000 copies of something, and those of us that want a book don't have to wait for a "craze" or a movie to drop of our favorite character or something.

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